About Me

Hi there!

My name is Sławek. I am a software engineer and learning enthusiast.

I work on mobile applications for quite a while. The very first project I finished on my own was in 2016. It is a simple game named Brighter. The second one is Aily — a personal journal and mood tracker. I started working on it in Jun 2019 and released it in Nov 2019. I did it because I wanted to learn more tools and concepts in Android programming.

The fun fact is that I worked on many personal projects, but almost all of them ended up in the closet.

Besides personal projects, I had an opportunity to work on around 21 different commercial projects. Some of them are successful, but most of them are not. It reveals the hard truth about embarking on such endeavour — which is that the probability you will succeed is minuscule.

Apart from work, I like to explore ideas and learn new skills. I used to draw regularly, and I even learned quite a bit. Here you can see my drawings.

I stopped drawing daily when learning languages pulled me in. I had to solve my language learning problem.

Unfortunately, I always considered myself as a person that is bad at languages. At that time, I needed to improve my English. I could understand a lot, but I couldn’t speak. Maybe you are familiar with this. I started learning on my own, but I did progress slowly. Then I dug into learning methods that supposedly should improve my learning capabilities. I came across The Universe of Memory. Thanks to this site, I learned what meta-learning is and gladly realized that it’s possible to study quickly.

In short, I improved my English, then I learned Russian on B2 in about six months, and then I added German too.

It brings us to the last point. On this site, I will put notes that I usually write for myself. I write them to organize my knowledge and thoughts about some topics.

I hope you will find it useful. Cheers!